Nutrient Buffer - Gallon

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SALE - Nutrient Buffer helps to normalize magnesium deficiencies and imbalances that commonly occur in horses under heavy training and stress.

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Nutrient Buffer works to restore natural stomach function in the face of inadequate diet, stress, environmental factors, and even ulcers. This product will help you avoid the common side effects of H2 inhibition drug therapy that are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference; such as nutritional deficiencies (which are already too common due to the prevalence of intense agricultural engineering of feed products) and opportunistic infections. 

This formula earned a U.S. Patent (as a human and horse product) because it was the first, and is still the only, product in its category which utilizes a magnesium/calcium ratio of 2:1. This ratio, the purity and bioavailability of these nutrients all play a vital role in just how well Nutrient Buffer works. No Aluminum, Bismuth, or any heavy metals. Strictly USP and amino acid collated forms of nutrients to guarantee purity and bioavailability.