Pyranha Wipe N Spray Non-Aerosol Continuous Spray 15 oz


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Pyranha Wipe N Spray 15oz is a triple action fly spray- kills, repels, and conditions. Easy and convenient application, a grooming aid and coat conditioner. Use directly on animals and premises. Oil Based. Controls stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, houseflies, horn flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Simply apply and brush out just before entering the show pen for unbeatable fly-fighting power and lustrous eye-catching sheen.

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Product Details:

  • Non-aerosol, contains no propellants
  • Citronella scented
  • Sprays continuously, quietly and from any angle
  • Wipe or mist on horses.
  • Do not wet skin or exceed 2 oz. per application.
  • Contains Lanolin for a beautiful sheen and to condition the coat
  • 99% emptying rate
  • Size:  15oz