INRA 96 Semen Extender

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by IMV

Extender for stallion semen. Improves preservation and maintains the fertility potential up to 48 hours. Sterile and ready-to-use, it is formulated using the purified fraction of milk micellar proteins that have proven to highly protect sperm cells. Contains antibiotics (Penicillin and Gentamycin) and a fungicide (Amphotericin B)

The "French" extender - INRA 96, pre-mixed extender.


Composition: INRA 96 contains purified fractions of milk micellar proteins to highly protect the sperm cells. Also containing penicillin, gentamicin and the fungicide Amphotericin B.

  • To be safe, keep INRA in the freezer no longer than 1 year. There is an expiration date on the bottle. Go by this date if the bottle is unopened.

INRA 96 extender is produced by IMV Technologies under license from INRA. The following information is based on results obtained in vivo and in vitro by INRA in the French National Stables.

Advantages of INRA96:
It has proven to be beneficial for use in subfertile stallions or in ejaculates that are susceptible to cooling or preservation at 4°C. It can be used to preserve semen at 4°C and at 15°C for 24 hours. Some results obtained in France suggest INRA 96 can be used to preserve semen up to 72 hours. 
It is ready to use, presented in a liquid form. No dilution is needed. 
It is a sterile solution. 
INRA 96 contains penicillin, gentamicin and the fungicide Amphotericin B. 
INRA 96 may be frozen if not used completely. However, we recommend that it only be thawed once.

It should be noted that the French protocol for diluting and inseminating equine sperm includes smaller doses and a lower concentration of sperm cells per dose (10 ml with 20 * 106 per ml). Doses inseminated in France may contain as little as 10 ml of semen.

The following protocol is used in France when using INRA96.
To preserve at 4°C: 
Collect, filter and evaluate ejaculate.Dilute semen to a final concentration of 20 * 106 spz per ml.Package diluted ejaculate in syringes under anaerobic conditions for immediate AI or preservation. In France, 10 ml of the diluted ejaculate are packaged in a 20 ml syringe. The air is then eliminated from the syringe, i.e. anaerobic conditions.

To preserve at 15°C: 
Collect, filter and evaluate ejaculate. Dilute semen to a final concentration of 20 * 106 spz per ml. Package diluted ejaculate in syringes under aerobic conditions. In France, 10 ml of the diluted ejaculate are packaged in a 20 ml syringe. 10 ml of air are sucked into the syringe, i.e. aerobic conditions. Store the syringe horizontally.

INRA96 has proven to be very flexible and in the US is used as any other extender would be. For example: 
1:3 to 1:5 dilution (ejaculate : extender) 
Diluting to 500 million progressively motile sperm per dose of fresh semen in 40 to 50 ml total dose volume. 
Diluting to 1 billion sperm cells per 40 to 50 ml dose.

200 ml bottle (IMV Ref# 016441) 
Each bottle of INRA96 is individually boxed and labeled. The label includes product lot number and expiration date as shown below.

Each lot of INRA96 produced is checked by INRA96 and allows the product to be traced in case a problem occurs. This is an 1S09000 requirement IMV Technologies has for all of the products it manufactures.

INRA96 can be stored within a range of 2°C and 25°C (35.6°F and 77°F) for its shelf life. We do recommend it be stored in refrigeration as this guarantees the most consistent temperature.